Your Free 21-Day Discipleship Course:
A 21 Day Journey To Freedom And Victory in your life! – Delivered as a Father speaking to a Son!




An online video course by Leonard Evans
Discover the “Secret” Principles to Living in Complete Freedom & Victory in This LifeEven If You’ve Struggled Before!
This 21 Day Journey To Freedom And Victory will help you:
  • Renew your passion and discover the meaning of your life!
  • Start believing in yourself as you gain confidence.
  • Be empowered to go after your goals and desires.
  • Discover a new passion for God as you discover His mighty love.
  • Find your full acceptance in Christ and be transformed in your mind!

Course Overview:
Week 1: Awaken Your Identity
  • Day 1: Agree With God – Explore your identity in Christ and how you can agree with God about who you are through Him!
  • Day 2: Walk in Freedom – How to unlock greater freedom in your life by walking in Christ-like forgiveness.
  • Day 3: All Things Have Become New – The old you is gone and you have become a new creation in Christ.
  • Day 4: Your High Calling – Discover how to live from your high calling through excellence.
  • Day 5: Confidence and Fun – Become confident and have fun in your Christian journey.
  • Day 6: Be Courageous – Here’s the key to living courageously every day!
  • Day 7: Get Your Thoughts Out of the Trash – Discover the tips to turning your thoughts from negative to positive.
Week 2: Align Your Compass
  • Day 8: Prioritize Your Life – Discover how to focus on the things that bring the most fulfillment to you and God!
  • Day 9: Rest in God’s Presence – Discover how to rest in Gods presence to bring greater peace into your life.
  • Day 10: Get Real With God – This is all about getting real, getting vulnerable, and learning the truth that God can be trusted.
  • Day 11: Have Solid Footing – How to develop and maintain consistency in your walk with God.
  • Day 12: Thankfulness Creates Humility – Thankfulness and humility are both solid proof of a Christian growing in maturity.
  • Day 13: Be a Daniel – Become a powerful leader like Daniel was!
  • Day 14: You Change the Atmosphere – Discover how you can be one that changes the world!
Week 3: Reach The Summit
  • Day 15: Live with Excellence – Look through a magnifying glass at what it actually means to live in excellence.
  • Day 16: Stay FAT for God – Discover what it means to stay F.A.T. for God.
  • Day 17: Be a Man of Your Word – Become an example of Christ as you stick to your word and to your integrity.
  • Day 18: You and Money – Find out what the right mindset Christians should have on money.
  • Day 19: Your Generous Attitude – This is what it looks like to be generous as Jesus is generous!
  • Day 20: Finish Your Race Strong – How to finish running your race strong to the end, stay motivated, be a warrior, a conquerer, and emerge victorious.
  • Day 21: Conquer the Peak – Take a look at how to conquer your mountain and make a difference with your life!