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(30) As he spoke these words, many believed on him.  (31) …If ye continue in

my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; (32) And ye shall know the truth,

and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:30-32



Dear Friends in Christ:                                                                                                         

We serve an amazing God! There is great joy in knowing and living for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! I am truly excited about Jesus and about the work that He is doing in my life. These past couple of months have been just so incredibly amazing! Seeing the faithfulness of God in my life, and the many ways that He has shown His goodness to me. I am very grateful & thankful for all that is taking place right now. My My My! There is not a day that goes by that I haven’t see the hand of God at work on my behalf – lots of DA’s (Divine Appointments) everywhere I go! It does not take much to reach out and to make a difference in someone’s life. I truly believe that God has placed these people in our paths for His glory and purpose. There are always opportunities right before us.   As people of God, we have the awesome privilege for Jesus to live His life in and through us – daily! Well Glory to God!

 Currently, I am doing a lot of discipleship and life coaching with three different groups of people!  The NuCamp RVs & Campers, two Discipleship Houses: Operation 6:12 and Life Changers, both of which are helping families, especially men with their drug addictions and life controlling issues; and Faith Christian Academy. Theses guys are from many different states: Ohio, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I have been walking with lots of guys and getting to know some amazing people. This involves walking with them and encouraging them in their journey with Jesus. Many times, they just needed someone to listen to them and to hear their story. My week would vary depending on the situation at hand: most of the time, it would consist of doing a Bible study, or walking through a discipleship course, or reflection of the week, day or just minutes before they arrived. Sometimes, its just hanging out with the brother! And of course, lots of prayer time! At Operation 6:12, Thursday Nights are always prayer night! To say the least, there is a lot of work “in the harvest fields of the Souls of men”! Blessed be God forever.  This is a great time to respond to the call that God has on your life. It is such an honor to serve God!

DA’s – I actually get them every day!! (Divine Appointments):  I met a father and son, as they were working together making some repairs on a bathroom. We got acquainted. They came to our Thursday night prayer meeting about a week later. Karlin, (the son) later invited me to attend his water baptism service for him and his sister. At that service a couple of his friends would be attending that he wanted me to meet. I met them (twin boys) and their mom. Shortly after that, we started meeting weekly at a nearby Burger King! God was doing some amazing work in each of these guys hearts. I was later called ‘dad/mentor’! We met weekly for about a month and a half until they moved away. However, I am still in touch with Karlin and his dad, (JD). And have visited their home on several occasions. God is faithful! I was on a trip to Ontario, Canada; during a church service of their meet and greet time, I was mistaken to be someone else. We ended becoming friends, which was just what he needed; and yes, we are still in touch. There’s a group in Canton called the Warriors Project – they meet every Saturday: upon our arrival with the Operation 6:12 guys, I was asked to preach/share whatever was on my heart. I’ve shared there twice now. I went to a local hardware store, which I seldom go there: Instead of going out the exit doors, I went out the entrance doors, and as I was doing so, in walks Kaleb whom I’d not seen in 8 years, not to mention, I did his wedding 9 years ago! A pleasant surprise to say the least. We have met up twice since and text often. I had an issue with my watch, so I took it to a jewelry store in our local mall. A few weeks later, the Lord put on my heart to do a prophetic acronym for Michael’s name, whose middle name is Leonard, who had waited on me during that visit! I felt quite urgent to do this right away! So, I did!! The store wasn’t very busy – he saw me from a distance. I shared with him what I was up to: he just about cried. He said to me, man, I needed this ‘word’ today! You have no idea the pain that I am carrying right now. I am currently going through a divorce! Thank you so much! Here in Sugarcreek, a friend of mine dropped by the shop with a friend of his from Texas. I was introduced to Kyler. He was from Texas! I got excited! For I have made plans to take a trip there in a couple of months. Perhaps I could stop in for a visit. We stayed in touch. About three days before, I received a call from Amos, his dad, wanting to confirm my coming! They were very excited about this opportunity! Upon my arrival on their Big Texas-Size Ranch, I was so welcomed, greeted and honored!! A very humbling experience. We all realized that this was certainly set up by God! A DA for sure! So, for the next two days, we had many encounters with the Lord on and around their ranch! We shared a lot of the Word of God. I preached for an hour and a half. And another hour or so once we got back to the house, (Amos & Renita). This was an incredible time/trip and lots of possibilities/opportunities awaits us! Hallelujah! For my host home in Keller, Texas: I cooked a meal for the guys on my last night before returning to Ohio! About mid-day, I felt led to go to Kroger Store; Upon my arrival, I noticed a group of people in the patio area. I wasn’t sure what was happening there. As I entered the store, I felt the Holy Ghost said, they are praying!! Well, I wanted some of that! I then exit the store and headed their way! I immediately made eye contact with the guy that seemed to be leading this group. I asked, ‘are you guys praying?’ They said yes! I then said, ‘I’d like some of that!’ Thirty minutes later, I’d made some new friends! They were Bible school students at LifeStyle Christianity – Todd White, Director, here in Fort Worth. Amazing!! The five of them ended up praying for me, blessing me and encouraging me in the journey with God!

 MISSIONS – COSTA RICA   –   January 02-15, 2019                                       


For many years, I have maintained relationships with many friends in Ontario, Canada – some 30+ years. About 4 or 5 months ago, I was invited to join the team that will be going to Costa Rica in January 2019. This would be both a building project and a day school for children as well. The team will be doing the finishing touches on the church building (Construction) and at the same time a day school (VBS – expecting about 200-300 children). Yes, I am bilingual.  I am very excited about this trip. This will be my first time traveling to Central America. The total cost for the trip will be $2,300. Everything is included: food, hotel-stay (2nights) flight tickets, transportation & building materials. Would you prayerfully consider having a financial part in this mission trip? Thanks once again for your support and faithfulness.

Partnership – Laboring Together      

Thanks once again for your prayers and your financial support to this ministry which allows me to be a voice to this generation! Your faithful support is always appreciated. Thank you for being faithful and so encouraging throughout the years. Blessings to you & your family, and in all that you set your hands to do; And give you peace.

Beloved of God,
Leonard Evans

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