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Dear Friends in Christ,

I trust that you too are seeing the goodness and faithfulness of our God in every area of your lives. I pray that your entire family are well and are in great health. As we continue our journey in this season, I pray that your heart would take courage and that you would your find refuge in our awesome God! Remember, for it is God who works in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure. As for me, I have been constantly reminded of whose I am and who I am – daily. And about what God says about me in our present world. Although there are changes from day to day, but our God never changes – He changes not! I am really encouraged, inspired and very excited about this season that we are living in – knowing full well that the one who has called us, is faithful and He is in charge! I’m truly blessed by your continued prayers, calls, messages and financial support! Thank You very much for your steadfast love and faithfulness on my behalf. May God’s grace, wisdom and favor rest upon you in a greater way, and give you peace.

For quite some time now, the Lord has been dealing with my heart about establishing a Texas Homestead. Of which would be amazing to say the least. I have made mention of this in the last few newsletters. As of late, my heart has really become stirred, excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Besides the ministry opportunities that I have here in Waco, and from many different parts of our country, my heart for discipleship has reached another level. Not just being a father figure, but walking with men through their process of becoming all that God has for them. All of which requires time, a hunger for change, having basic life needs met, money and of course, a physical location. Currently, there several options that are before us.

 Here is an overview:

The purchase of the Texas Homestead would also be headquarters for Mainline Ministries that will assist in our ability to minister to men as well as provide short term stays to men who need guidance in understanding the presence and power of God while they discover their God-given destiny: For a few days and/or weekends. This would provide a homestead for 8-10 men that would be long-term. Giving us the many opportunities for one-on-one discipleship, establishing and maintaining their growth, as they engage in the process of radically changing the trajectory of their lives, by living in community, maintaining employment and discipline in basic life skills. While non-residents would be reached by phone calls, emails, facetime as well as group gatherings on a continual basis. By having this homestead headquarters, it would provide us so many options and ways to make a difference in the lives of these men.

Mainline Ministries has been committed to providing discipleship and mentor ship for men for more than 45 years with little resources and would benefit by having a Texas Homestead – permanent headquarters for the ministry of discipleship.

There are several ways that you can contribute to this endeavor / opportunity that is before us:

  • Venmo – By using my email: or Cell# 330 205 6850
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  • JP Morgan Chase Bank – Direct Deposit
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  • GoFundMe page on Facebook – Leonard Evans
  • And of course, you may send a check to the enclosed address. All Gifts are Tax Deductible

         Mainline Ministries is a Charitable, Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.

            MAINLINE MINISTRIES • PO BOX 1306 • WACO, TX 76703 • •  Leonard Evans – 330-205-6850 

                      Because Of Him – Leonard Evans



 Discipleship Testimonies:

My name is Larry Yoder. I am currently 28 years old and live in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been very happily married for five years and have two handsome boys, 9 months old and a 2-year-old. My wife Amanda and I are Youth Pastors at Church at Baltimore. I also help run a delivery company here in Baltimore. Sometimes I pinch myself and wonder if I am dreaming! My life was not always like this….I grew up Amish in Wayne County OHIO. I always had friends that were older than me, so I then started smoking weed when I was around 12 years old. My life became all about partying. The deeper I got involved, the harder the drugs got. It is literally by the grace of God that I am still alive. Around the time of a near death experience from drug overdose, I found myself feeling like a dog. I had no emotions anymore, and I could lie straight in the face and steal from people who loved me the most. I knew I wanted to change but did not know how. God used several different men in my life to encourage me and lead me to Jesus when I was 19 years old. Leonard was a key part in my decision to follow the Lord. 

After I got saved, I moved in with Leonard and started my life completely over. I am the main reason he has grey hair. He disciple me in spiritual things and also in practical things. He lived a life of intimacy with the Father, and it made me hungry to know Jesus more. I didn’t know before that you can experience God and actually feel his presence! I knew that something happened to me for real when I would rather read my little magazine bible and experience Gods presence than watch a movie. Leonard had become a spiritual Father to me, and I would not be where I am today without him. Thanks for all you have done for me. I know I don’t say it enough but I love you and appreciate you a lot! You’re a great spiritual father to me and many others! I am honored to have you in my life!    Lots of Love, Larry Yoder – OH

 Leonard and I had the pleasure of spending a few days together in Waco, by a divine meeting. It is still hard to process on how it all happened. The character and dedication that this man has to our Lord Jesus Christ is that of the Apostle Paul. The care, kindness, intentionality that Leonard has and is putting into raising up young men of God will have an astounding ripple effect on generations to come. Thank you, Leonard, for your love of our Lord and for your heart in disciplining young men.  Mario Soto – 25 years old – CA

 I have known Leonard since 2011. I met him while working for a moving company. He would encourage me by sharing warm cinnamon coffee from Mexico. Initially I thought, “Why is this old guy working for a moving company, and why does he want to be my friend?” It didn’t take long to understand that Leonard was “searching for gold”.  As we got to know each other he continued to encourage and speak life into me. Now nine years later he continues “searching for gold” he speaks life into young men and reveals to them the “Gold” that is inside, and causes us to live our best lives. Leonard is a tremendous encouragement and support. I am a better man, husband, and father because of him. Sincerely,  Kale Stephens – TX

 I am one of Leonard’s spiritual sons.  We met when I was a senior in high school, which was back in 2002-2003.  Some highlights of the fruit from him being a spiritual father in my life were to lead me to encounter the presence of God, understand relationship with Jesus, and receive baptism of Holy Spirit! Leonard is a genuine and authentic disciple of Jesus and a revivalist! During my senior year in high school, there was a small group of men and during that time a foundation for my faith and encountering Jesus happened. That moment in time radically changed the trajectory for my life.  Clinton Kandel – OH


Eileen & I met Leonard some time in 1987.

 I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School. This had given me great reverence for God.  Even though I had answered the call of the wild at age 14 and ran from any resemblance of church. By 1985, I was married with two children and one on the way. The call of the wild had pretty much left me destitute in several ways. I met the Lord and answered his call on my life while attending a Men’s group. Because of the guys’ personal experience and goodness, that held great attraction to me. Sometime in 1986 I had begun attending a Church that some of the guys from the Men’s meeting attended. Then shortly after I had been attending the church, this pastor was transitioning the leadership of church to a group out of Las Cruces, NM as he was going into full-time missions in Mexico.

The church I was attending became an extension from a Church in Las Cruces, NM. We came to know Leonard through this church of the 3 Crosses. Because Eileen and I were interested in starting a youth group, we were to meet this Leonard Evans. Leonard was highly recommended for us to meet and receive a blessing for our group. I was young and new to my salvation since 1985 when I met Leonard. On meeting Leonard, we quickly received a fresh experience with a guy who carries such a presence of God’s love and genuine heart for people. He blessed us and shared in a couple of services in Playas, NM.

Leonard would come to Playas, NM and this was no place that one would be able to be passing through to somewhere else, for it is an isolated and single ended destination.  Yet Leonard would come and give services and he would come over to my house and hang out with me and the family. These were great times of spiritual and physical blessings; he’s pretty tough and rough along with all that goodness. Through these times we would hear of his mission’s work in Mexico. This soon developed into an interest and a personal mission’s trip to Monterrey, MX. in 1991. This was a great experience to more than I could have imagined. We would also receive people sent by Leonard to visit us here in Playas: some young men would come from Canada. These young guys were getting a dose of discipleship second to none of our times. This discipleship took on various aspects like personal life skills, interaction with others, respectfulness, and Bible Studies.

When I met Leonard back then, I was very new to the Church setting, especially in the areas of evangelical and charismatic paradigm. Thinking back about this journey it explains much more about my own calling and my prophetic sight of Mainline Ministries. To help you understand and although I graduated from High School, I did not hold schooling with great esteem.

At age 17, I opted out of college and allowed my parents to use my college money for their own uses. I am not much of a schoolboy for classroom settings or even structured Bible Studies.

My best learning is done through discipleship and experiences. At 27 years of age, I was gifted with an Electrical and Instrumentation Apprenticeship of which I succeeded very well. I flourish in the hands-on and laboratory setting of learning. I also do very well read on my own and have had some of my most influential Bible Study done alone with God.

Over the years I have supported Mainline Ministries in sporadic intervals. My learning were to give to the church the “Tithe”. So consequently, my support was sporadic and yet increasing. Fast forward to 2005, I began having discussions with Leonard about Churches supporting his ministry. And that I would begin praying for financial support so that he can focus on his local missions. In 2009 I got hired with a company that matches your support to a charitable organization of your choice. This was a great answer to prayer and a way to act in faith as a result of prayer. I really got to up my ante with this newfound opportunity toward Mainline Ministries. Because of my prayer time with the Lord about Leonard’s financials, it also gave me inroads to having discussions with Leonard without feeling awkward: ‘it’s not really any of your business’. It is my business because of my eternal connection with Leonard and the Lord’s covert ministry in his life.

In 2016, we sent Leonard a young man to Ohio and we sent a monthly support to help this young man get exposure to the Leonard’s discipleship platform (One- on-One, where the tire meets the road). After the discipleship time progressed on, it helped me grow in the continuation of my monthly support of Mainline no matter what or of whom or the situation at hand: In light of the covert ministry, the individual financial support and the Church support, I have gained a broader view of this ministry. The covertness speaks of Leonard’s presence in the community reaching those the Lord is drawing (not just the Lost, not just the downtrodden). Eileen and I chuckle when we hear of Leonard meeting someone in passing (airport.) That person has no idea what they just gained and eternal gift that will stick with them from now on I am one of them (32 years now).

In the church setting, he is magnificent a preacher I have ever listened to. It also speaks of the depth of the effects on the individuals he has because I am one of them. On the financials, my frustration of no church support has propelled my faith & action to opportunity, likening to the parable of the 10 Talents. I like the paradigm of this ministry “Covert Missions/Discipleship” right among us. Can you see it? I do.

Alan & Eileen Armstrong – Hutchinson, KS


Testimony of Brother Leonard Evans in My Life

In 1984, at age 22, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and became a born-again Christian.  Two years later, in 1986, I meet Leonard Evans through my younger brother Thomas.  I had helped Thomas drive from Houston, Texas to Las Cruces, New Mexico where he stayed with Leonard, who was an associate pastor.  During the few days I stayed in Las Cruces, I remember Leonard praying a prayer over me like I had never heard before or since.  The spiritual warfare that took place during that prayer changed my life.  God set me free from emotional issues and He began to show me His plans and purposes for my life.

About a year later, Leonard sowed into my life a one-year subscription to Integrity Hosanna Praise and Worship cassette tape of the month club (remember music on tape?).  He saw I was being ministered to by this music throughout the year and bought me a second-year subscription! My, my, my how music has been such a huge part of my life as a Believer.  A few years later, when Leonard was visiting Houston, he invited me to Prevailing Faith Church in Pasadena, Texas.  I felt led to join the church and played piano in their Praise and Worship Team for two years.  What a blessing the ministry of Pastor Clayton Shepard was to me.  I thank God for using Leonard to guide me there and I also knew he was praying for me.  I continued to play keyboard and/or guitar in several other churches and ministries over the next fifteen plus years.  Even to this day godly music is a major part of my relationship with Jesus and of the visions and dreams God has birthed in my spirit to glorify His Name.

I also had a deep desire to help youth as I became saved.  I’d volunteer to serve youth at various churches and outreach ministries when not ministering through music.  I would call Leonard when I needed counsel, encouragement, pray or just someone to listen to my heart.  I always knew I could trust Leonard to bless me with God’s presence and wisdom.  This has not change in some 35+ years I have been friends with Leonard.

In 1994, I served 5 years on staff as children and youth minister at Memorial West Assembly of God Church (currently called Fountain of Life Christian Center) in Houston.  I believe Father God used Leonard to intercede in prayer and guide me into the next phase of my surrender to Christ Jesus.  God was also leading me to complete an education degree. Leonard was present as I walked for my diploma from the University of Houston in 1998.

God also led me to marry my godly and beautiful wife, Lee Yan, in the summer of 1999. I was thankful Leonard was able to be one of my groomsmen in our wedding.  

The next chapter of my life has been that of a public history teacher for the 11-14-year-old age group. There continues to be so many opportunities to glorify God and point youth to Jesus Christ at the crossroads of their future. August 2015 was my 17th year as an Educator in Alief I.S.D. Leonard’s life example, friendship, prayers and council have been a major influence on who I am today.  And the future is looking brighter and brighter! Glory to GOD!

 During our friendship, I have prayed for Leonard and his calling and ministry.  I have continued to ask God to show me how much financial support I am to give to Leonard’s ministry, Mainline Ministries. I know Leonard has continued to minister to so many young men through the years, just as he has blessed my life with eternal treasures.  What a great investment into the eternal stocks of God’s economy, winning souls and disciplining Christians!  What an honor and joy to be a part of what God is doing through the life of Leonard Evans.

 Over the years, Leonard and I have kept in touch and we always get together to Fellowship when he is in the Houston area. Whenever I have an issue in my life and need a true friend and prayer warrior, Leonard is on my heart and mind and just a phone call away.  Brother Leonard, I thank God for You!  I also thank our Heavenly Father for blessing me with our friendship.  I believe in Divine relationships.  I wonder sometimes where I would be today if God had not brought Leonard and me together.  Leonard, you have been, still are, and will always be a blessing to my life and ministry.  

I love You Brother Leonard,
Julius Polonyi
Houston, Texas