My name is Robby Yoder and I am from Girard, OH. I didn’t always feel strong. I felt like the world was crashing down on me. Leonard would say to me, ‘Things will get better; you’re a good man, Robby!’ I can still hear those words ringing in my ears. He taught me how to do things right. How to finish what I started. I learned good stewardship, cleanliness and good housekeeping. The wisdom and knowledge was priceless. He has a genuine love and passion to help people. He led by example. I received a firm foundation while living with Leonard for four years (2006-2009).

Robby Yoder


My name is Derick Soland I am currently a Firefighter/EMT for Graham Fire & Rescue, going on about 17 years now (as of 2009). I was born and raised in Puyallup, Washington. About three years ago I had a radical encounter with The Lord where my heart was set ablaze for Him and His Kingdom & I haven’t looked back since. Leonard has been a tremendous father figure in the lives of many throughout His walk with Jesus Christ, and I believe he carries The Fathers heart for a generation.  I am looking forward to partnering and co-laboring with Leonard as he continues to  walk out his calling in even greater measures.

Derick Soland


Leonard in my life: I realized that I was meeting someone different when I was given a big hug in the first few seconds of meeting each other. Leonard’s enthusiasm and love for young men in particular, drew me in as I got to know him. Leonard was there pushing me on in my faith as I graduated in age from my youth group, and I had the chance to join his recently started Thursday night meeting, passionate, Jesus loving group of guys, from many ages, all were welcome. It was a 45 minute drive, but I showed that it was worth it by showing up regular, as often as I could. Although I didn’t hardly realize it at the time, a group of this nature was like a rare bird, hunted by some, found by few, and often by chance, or is it chance. I had the opportunity to have a spiritual father. One who not only preached the truth, but also knew me for who I was, and only acted for my good, and the good of his other sons, in a few words, he loved us.

I have now moved on to a new field of learning and experience, under new spiritual fathers; a missions group, with whom Leonard connected me. Leonard saw that I was ready for action, travel and adventure, and he was willing to let me go to the place that was best for me. I see that fathers can have many sons, and that sons can have many fathers under their father in heaven. Leonard is still in my life, I am learning to stay close even with the barrier of land miles between us. Gifts of heavenly significance can never be thanked enough, and I received much from the time, dedication, and well used spiritual giftings of Leonard Evans.

Seth Detwieler


I have known Leonard since 2011. I met him while working for a moving company. He would encourage me by sharing warm cinnamon coffee from Mexico. Initially I thought, “Why is this old guy working for a moving company, and why does he want to be my friend?” It didn’t take long to understand that Leonard was “searching for gold”.

 As we got to know each other he continued to encourage and speak life into me. Now eight years later he continues “searching for gold” he speaks life into young men and reveals to them the “Gold” that is inside, and causes us to live our best lives. Leonard is a tremendous encouragement and support. I am a better man, husband, and father because of him.

Sincerely, Kale


Kale G. Stephens